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Another kounoi fic bc im a weeabo. Also this is Serena’s fault again. Look what your making me do. You are making me become one with the yaoi.

I haven’t revised this yet bc i have classes tomorrow fuck me so sorry for any mistakes.

Summary: Koujaku runs to Noiz’s house beause holy fuck he said “I love you”. Somehow Noiz ends up riding him.

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i imagine that koujaku’s most favourite part of noiz’s body is his fingers because they look so fricking slender and feminine and, especially for someone who gets into fights often, they’re always so pretty and they look so delicate even when he’s in the middle of punching someone’s face in.


Cute boyfriends messing with Aoba (●´∀`)ノ♡


This is what happens when a real blackout happens in your city and you get inspiration from your girlfriend.